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We know that the startup-generation and digital transformation is continously raising competitive business models, which are a risk for established businesses and their success.
Adapt on applying changes and sign new bonds.

Traditional model: indirect sales and storing

Startup model: drop-shipping from factory

Enabled by social media marketing and decentralised direct sales structure involving part-time employees (e.g. students).
Local storefronts are replaced by central online-shop.

Price drives. Price-positioning on Central-European Market:
e-Scooter up to 45km/h, lithium batteries

Don't Change. Adapt!
Create new bonds and keep moving.

React on the lean distribution channels of local and international Start-ups, which skip the local dealer by drop-shipping goods directly to end-customer.

Become partner and benefit from on- and offline marketing campaigns to be acknowledged and recognized by potential customers within your commuting belt. Starting from listing as partner on geographic map up to direct marketing measures for customers in your reach.

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Product info. HUGO H1 at a glance.

  • 2-wheeled scooter
  • electric propulsion
  • 1500 W rated power, 120 Nm max torque
  • Full LED illumination
  • 7 defined colours available
  • Lithium-ion cell compound
  • LiFePO4 cells
  • 1.5 kWh capacity
  • portable battery, withdrawable from scooter (charging at common power socket with included charging device)
Top speed
  • 45 km/h (limited by vehicle type regulation - UNECE L1e-B)
  • 60 km/h optionally possible - depending on local regulation and guidelines
  • ~50 km per battery
  • 2 battery slots for 100 km total range

Download the extensive datasheet of HUGO scooter