PlaySafe. ChainHUGO.

Steering locking integrated in ignition lock.

Immobilizer via electric motor lock.

Anti theft / alarm module integrated.

Additional locking with padlock / u-lock.

GoCunning. UrbanParking.

Compact dimensions, the weight of nearly 60 kg as well as the advantage in parking lot requirements and room availability let you find parking everywhere.

Cockpit. Digital&Discrete.

Center of control keys and gages. Simple and discrete delivered for a pleasant experience when cruising around - day and night. The Liquid crystal display is illuminated and in high contrast, sufficient for daylight and pleasant in moonshine.

GoFullyLoaded. RoomAvailable.

Find more space than expected - using hook, rack, compartment, boot and space between your legs. In further options you can equip yourself with backpack and other pockets. Travel efficient. GoHUGO.


In all available countries HUGO is road legal. Check the countries on our list and make sure you respect additional local legal requirements applying (e.g. license plate, driving license, etc…)

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