Core values of HUGO

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As explained in our last blog posts, creating the perfect product very much depends on how good you understand the needs of potential customers, how well those needs are being put together into technical specifications and how precise these details are communicated through the whole supply chain. The next step means departing from theoretical preparation … Read More

The most obvious pros and cons of electric mobility

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The most obvious pros and cons of electric mobility and the battery cells used for energy storage have been addressed frequently and are well known, as for example the limited range and effort to recharge electricity into the battery cells. These points are surely the most precious arguments in the practicality discussion of electric vehicles. … Read More

Accepting responsibility on environment. Are you ready for it?

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The evolution of e-mobility started already with the introduction of hybrid-powered cars. It was not completely accepted by the majority of vehicle owners to be a sufficient solution for transportation. In further stages of e-mobility evolution, where there were an increasing availability and variety of hybrid cars there soon also were the first fully electric … Read More

CHINA IS CHEAP! Yes, that’s what everybody says…BUT

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…what about the work that stands behind everything. The cheap China reputation is a misleading reputation of China, created by poor low-cost consumer goods-a negative headline counts for several positive ones. But take the DJI drones as an example: The Shenzhen company produces some of the best qualitative drones for consumer and commercial segments and … Read More