…what about the work that stands behind everything. The cheap China reputation is a misleading reputation of China, created by poor low-cost consumer goods-a negative headline counts for several positive ones. But take the DJI drones as an example: The Shenzhen company produces some of the best qualitative drones for consumer and commercial segments and is a perfect example of Chinese hardware production excellence. Further, the size of markets creates high quantity demand on products and enables low-cost production, due to massive volumes-higher quantity, lower price-good for the salesman and end-customer. Sure, you have to do adjustments to design in terms of features and excellence but implementing and ensuring management techniques, detailed production processes and quality assurance measures are characteristics that can easily be audited, controlled and modified.

The highest priority of any tangible product is to fit the market expectation, so you want to make sure that the demands from the market are fulfilled. To measure and define a market demand we split in different aspects, which we define and monitor during development and production:

  • Price (e.g. consumer end price)
  • Quality (e.g. material used for parts)
  • Technical features (e.g. LED illumination)
  • Design (e.g. neat and good looking)
  • Practicability (e.g. ease of use)

Regardless of where a product is produced, in case it fits these requirements it’s perfect. Despite scouting for potential production spots globally, the best fit was found in P.R.China.

In addition to that, the scooter was produced in Shenzhen, the most recently developed flagship city of China-also named as „silicon valley of hardware“. Check the blog and videos of WIRED to learn more about the production location of our HUGO:

Future Cities: Four Videos on the Rise of Manufacturing in Shenzhen, Hardware, and the Maker Movement


Now, as a Chinese product conforming to EU road standards, the electric scooter can be driven on your streets.

Go electric. GoHUGO: www.gohugo.eu

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