Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement for advertising purpose as described below is including and covering the HUGO brand and the GoHUGO campaign, as well as the owner of these brands, MAHK Gmbh (hereinafter referred to as MAHK). Content of this agreement is a legitimacy of MAHK / GoHUGO to communicate the specified and by web form or otherwise transmitted contact information for advertising purposes. The selection of the recipients is thereby made by great care and purposeful; the general principle of efficiency applies (minimum addressees for the highest possible success rate). Comments, extensions and limitations to the agreement itself may be made by written comment (e.g., in the comment box in the webform) for all the following:

The contact details of MAHK as trademark owner are as follows:

Zweibrücken St. 33a
DE - 66953 Pirmasens
Commercial Register B 31435
District Court Zweibrücken

Start & Term
The beginning of the agreement and legitimacy of MAHK is the acknowledgment of receipt and formal verification of the received contact details.

Affected data and information
Contact details:

  • Company Name
  • Company form
  • Unique postal address
  • phone number
  • E-mail
  • fax
  • website
  • Contact person, full name
  • Property of the Company
  • Shipping options

Clientele (excluded from publication):

  • Target group / orientation
  • Portion code area / perimeter of xx km
  • Shipment to customers possible? With what limitations?

The general benefit of the contact data is the targeted and filtered provision of the contact data to potential interested parties. The selection of potential interested parties to whom information is made available and the level of information made available is reduced to a minimum.
Marketing campaigns are regularly carried out by MAHK with the purpose of making potential customers aware of the product and conveying it to partner agencies. This happens e.g. as follows:

  • MailChimp circulars / newsletters: sent by MAHK / GoHUGO to selected recipients. Regional campaigns are aimed at defined ZIP code areas and can be placed precisely.
  • Social Media Marketing: target group oriented marketing via social media (for example, Instagram, facebook)
  • Listing among partners of GoHUGO: An overall list of partners of MAHK / GoHUGO is published in connection with a filter function for potential interested parties to find a partner in their area. The visualization of the search data happens via geographic map of the regional environment of the potential interested party.
  • Direct brokerage of customers on site

Transfer to service providers
The contact details may be transmitted to external service providers and contractual partners of MAHK / GoHUGO. This only serves the purpose of fulfilling the obligations of the named service providers or contractual partners and no further purpose (for example automated sending of newsletters). All service providers are bound to MAHK with fulfilment contracts according to the General Data Protection Regulation and the appropriate handling of the data provided.


Last update: 28.05.2018