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Panasonic Lithium Cells

Battery packs rely on a modular compound of Panasonic NCR18650PF lithium ion cells. Approved reliability and durability by innumerable applications.


Batteries come with a handle for withdrawing and shoulder belt for carrying to the next conventional power outlet. As they weigh ~8 kg it is easily possible to do so.

Charge&Reload. AnywhereYouCan.

Take the battery pack off the scooter to charge it at any common power outlet. At home, in public places or dedicated public charging stations. The battery pack weighs ~8 kg. Charger is silent and handy.

2h - Dining50%
6h - Sleep100%


The consumption is approximate and average 2 (kWh / 100 km), measured in kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, Compare with a petrol equivalent.

LiveLong. SustainCapabilities.

When handled appropriately, after 500 charging cycles approximately 80% of the initial capacity remains. This is equivalent to approx. 20.000 kilometres distance covered.


over charge & over discharge & over current & cell disbalance & high-temperature

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