Charger HUGO H1 – passive


This product is brand-new and will be presumably available as from 23rd of November 2017. Pre-order now with discount. Please note that delayed delivery could occur.

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Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions19 x 9 x 5 cm

Technical Specification

generalcharging pointsconnection directly to battery or connector at vehicle
cooling systempassive radiator, no active cooling (no fan)
indication & readingsstatus indicating LED
dimension (without cable)height50mm
incoming connection (demand from socket)electricity110/230 V AC
plug input (socket)Type C / F (European standard)
cable length1.4m
cable attachmentcable removable, standardized plug
outgoing connection (supply to scooter)plug outputaccording Battery
cable length1.4m
cable attachmentcable not removable
chargingcharging current3.5A
automatic power offx
charging time
(0 to 100% / 0 to 50% / 0 to 80%)
5 / 1 / 2.5hours

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