HUGO H1 – electric scooter




HUGO is a fully electric propelled, non-foldable, road legal scooter with a withdrawable lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged at common socket outlets. HUGO features full LED illumination and a range of 50 km per each battery, of which you can put 2 at a time.

Visit the Scooter demo page for a product presentation or see the data sheet

Each scooter comes fully ready to drive and recharge.

Included in the delivery of this article is:

1 x HUGO H1 – electric scooter

1 x Battery HUGO H1 – withdrawable, 1kWh, LiFePO4

1 x Charger HUGO H1 – passive

Additional information

Weight66 kg
Dimensions172.5 x 84 x 115 cm

eyecatcher orange velvet, undercover black velvet, discreet beige gloss, well-known cyan gloss, urban grey gloss, lipstick red gloss, snow white velvet

Technical Specification


generalvmax45 (legally limited)km/h
range (per battery)50km
max slope start15degr
max additional load180kg
vehicle total weight58 (69 including 1 battery pack)kg
vehicle dimensionsheight1150 (1040 without mirrors)mm
width840 (700 without mirrors)mm
ground clearance140 (possible to lift manually)mm
luggage spacefits for standard full face helmet (when battery removed)
propulsionmethodfully electric, brushless motor, FOC controller
rated power1500W
max power1800W
max torque120Nm
gears / speed limiter3 gears (25 / 35 / 45 km/h)
recuperationreuse of kinetic energy to charge battery
battery slotnumber battery space2 slots available for 2 battery packs of HUGO
circuit protectionfusecircuit breaker and disconnectorA
seat / upholsterymaterialsunlight-resistant, water and heat repellent
front illumination / headlightcharacteristicsfull LED:
daytime running light,
low beam (passing beam)
high beam (driving beam)
rear illumination / brake lightcharacteristicsfull LED:
brake light
rear position indication
rear registration plate illumination
direction indicatorscharacteristicsfull LED
speedo / instrumentscharacteristicsdigital instruments, mechanical operation
anti theft & remotesteering locksteering lockable by ignition key
movement lockimmobilize vehicle by ignition key or remote
alarm2 sensitivity settings, accessible via remote device
remote commandsignitionstart vehicle by remote control
alarm setsetting of alarm sensitivity
illuminationflash vehicle lights
warning beepsend out a warning signal
backpack equipmentfunctionluggage rack at rear end, connected to steel frame and prepared for high load
framematerialcoated steel frame
tyresfront10″ 90/90 air pumped tire
brakesfronthydraulic operated disc brake
suspensionfronthydraulic cylinder / spring suspension


generalmethodlithium based cell compound,
charging cyclesUnlimited charging cycles. After 800 cycles more than 60% of total capacity left. Respect advices of user manual.
plugtouch-protected plugging system
controllersmart controlling device
protectionagainst over-charge/discharge, short-circuit, over-temperature, cell-disbalance
caseremovablebattery can be removed (for charging and security measures)
handlein battery case integrated handle supporting device removal


generalcharging pointsconnection directly to battery or connector at vehicle
cooling systempassive radiator, no active cooling (no fan)
indication & readingsstatus indicating LED
dimension (without cable)height50mm
incoming connection (demand from socket)electricity110/230 V AC
plug input (socket)Type C / F (European standard)
cable length1.4m
cable attachmentcable removable, standardized plug
outgoing connection (supply to scooter)plug outputaccording Battery
cable length1.4m
cable attachmentcable not removable
chargingcharging current3.5A
automatic power offx
charging time
(0 to 100% / 0 to 50% / 0 to 80%)
5 / 1 / 2.5hours

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