We are prepared.

We don't want you to be worried about anything when it comes to service. We have our partners everywhere who will help you anytime, anywhere. Please check the whole site for more information.


Robustness and simplicity let functional faults become a rare incident. However, In case you experience problems, let us know how we find a convenient solution. Warranty covers an excellent state of delivered goods and 2 years assurance of technical condition when properly used. 

Maintenance. RemainInvincible.

A simple maintenance plan will keep your equipment in shape. E-mobility vehicles are serviced on low budget due to the simple mechanical setup.

SimpleAsItSounds. LikeABicycle.

All possibly occurring incidents on a trip are not more severe than to those of a bicycle. Flat tires and handling adjustments can easily done by any garage or even bike dealers. Besides this, HUGO is tough and not easy to break. You're in big trouble? See our warranty and return setup and get in touch with us.

ClosedCycle. Recycling.

Production and distribution are carried out under lenient control to make not only the use but the entire concept fair for all parties involved and the environment. Refined products can be recycled and reused by local, partly nationalized processes.

TurnAround. Return&Refund.

In case you find an inconvenient delivery, please contact us - we will find a convenient solution for both parties.

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