The evolution of e-mobility started already with the introduction of hybrid-powered cars. It was not completely accepted by the majority of vehicle owners to be a sufficient solution for transportation. In further stages of e-mobility evolution, where there were an increasing availability and variety of hybrid cars there soon also were the first fully electric vehicles available. Not only doubts in practicability became an obstacle for the electric innovation, also most individuals did not see the possibility and their own responsibility to take part in pioneering to change the occurring environmental impact by switching on sustainable energy and production processes. The position of the lonely pioneer trying to live in human / nature symbiosis was soon put into focus of world politics and leading economies, of which participation in this discussion could first not only support to reduce prices of electric vehicles by direct feed in monetary support for end customer but also force the development and shift to renewable energy and application of electric mobility by law and regulation.

Due to the missing perfect energy storage solution, it is still rather complicated to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles and there is still a hipster reputation for all who drive fully electric. For both there is a resolution:

  • Hipsters will be recognized as pioneers and with growing amount of pioneers, the residual users will become old-fashioned.
  • For smaller vehicles and electric scooters, it is possible to remove the battery from the vehicle and charge it at any common socket outlet, e.g. at home/apartment, or replace the battery with a fully charged one

This is a convenient solution and can be easily implemented in daily routine. A day-cycle with a handy battery such as the one of HUGO scooter, which can be easily carried away would look similar to:

  • Carry the battery to scooter and drive around.
    this means no more than shouldering an additional “bag” – weight 8 kg.
  • Drive.
  • Returning home, removing the battery and charging at a socket outlet.
  • Repeat.

You won’t even notice doing so after a while as it easily becomes a very habit. The distance of carrying the battery and additional luggage will be probably reduced as well, as it is very easy to find a parking lot with a scooter and sometimes to park your scooter right beside the entrance.

Join the pioneering Go HUGO movement and reduce usage of conventional vehicles, cars and start sharing the motivation to create a better world.

Go pioneering. Go electric. Go HUGO.

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